Beast Stalker (Hong Kong, 2008) [NYAFF 2018]

Although not as robust as in its heyday from the 1970s-1990s, Hong Kong action cinema still churns out pulse-pounding police thrillers, crime dramas, and neo-noirs as exemplified by recent hits such as Three (2016) and […]

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CRIME: Hong Kong Style, HOME, Manchester, UK

The crime cinema of Hong Kong has always had a distinctive flavor with its iconic star personas, vibrant filmmaking technique, and unique urban milieu defined by cultural intersections. Even during particularly fallow periods for the local industry, the […]

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That Demon Within (Hong Kong, 2014)

Dave Wong (Daniel Wu) is not the most popular officer on the Hong Kong police force: although dedicated to his job, he has an aloof manner that does not endear him to his colleagues and […]

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Unbeatable (China/Hong Kong, 2013) [Terracotta 2014]

Dante Lam has built a career on making character driven action films that feature solid, hard-hitting action sequences blended with an often-deep exploration of the male psyche. The often-cited trifecta of Beast Stalker (2008), Fire […]

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