Call for Papers – Reassessing Chinese Independent Cinema: Past, Present… and Future?, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, June 5-6, 2020

If Wu Wenguang’s Bumming in Beijing (1990) is considered to mark the birth of independent cinema in the People’s Republic of China (hereafter China) that cinema will be celebrating its 30th birthday in 2020. But […]

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Preview – New Interdependencies in Chinese Cinema: Glocal Production and Cultural Hybridity, Institute of Advanced Studies, London, November 18

Since 2013, China has become the second-largest film market after the United States. The rapid growth of mainland China’s film industry has profoundly impacted and reshaped not only the regional but also the global cultural […]

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Call For Papers – Rethinking Film Genres: East Asian Cinema and Beyond (University of Hull, 14-15 September 2017)

What is film genre? Does it still matter in today’s film production, distribution and consumption? How have some film genres become so closely associated with a nation or region, such as Chinese martial arts films, […]

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