Zinnia Flower (Taiwan, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

Exquisitely crafted yet emotionally turbulent, Zinnia Flower is a sincere meditation on loss that bravely denies its audience the expected catharsis to instead acknowledge the fact that bereaved parties may never completely come to terms with tragedy. […]

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on May, 10 · in Reviews

Thanatos, Drunk (Taiwan, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

Thanatos, Drunk is the sort of film that divides the audience. Helmed by Chang Tso-chi, one of Taiwan’s most promising (and controversial) auteurs, Thanatos, Drunk, with its lyrical title, hints at signs of poetic profundity […]

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on May, 09 · in Reviews

Middle Kingdom (China, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

Guo Lin and Huang Ruixin’s Middle Kingdom is an intriguing independent documentary that sheds light on why an endless string of seemingly crazy people would congregate at the Dragon Pavilion in Central China’s Kaifeng every […]

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