Didi’s Dream (China/Taiwan, 2017)

Comedian Shangguan Didi (Dee Hsu) makes a middling living out of appearances on stunt and gag-based comedy television shows, while being estranged from her much more successful actress sister Lingling (Lin Chi-ling). Didi’s first big […]

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Sway (France/Thailand/USA, 2014)

Globalism has brought with itself people who switch countries and feel at the same time home everywhere but also somewhat unrooted. Your home is where you happen to lay your suitcase, and family becomes the […]

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She Remembers, He Forgets (Hong Kong, 2015)

Gigi (Miriam Yeung) is a travel agent yearning to undertake more travel herself but is instead stuck in Hong Kong thanks to her workaholic architect husband Shing-Wah (Jan Lamb) – who may be cheating on […]

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Everybody’s Fine (China, 2016)

“Keeping a dog is like raising a child. Together, bored. Parted, missing.” The words of the widower, Guan Zhiguo (Zhang Guoli), the character at the center of Zhang Meng’s Everybody’s Fine, sum up the universal […]

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