Go For Broke: An Origin Story (USA, 2017) [CAAMFest 2018]

The opening of Go for Broke: An Origin Story is not the subtlest opening to have graced cinema. An image of an American flag and Japanese-American citizens passionately singing the national anthem set the tone […]

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on May, 11 · in Reviews

The Registry (USA, 2018) [CAAMFest 2018]

John Dower, the foremost historian on Japanese-American relations, wrote in his seminal text on the postwar era, Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II, that ‚Äúpeople in all cultures and times have […]

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on May, 10 · in Reviews

Jimami Tofu (Japan/Singapore, 2017) [CAAMFest 2018]

Jimami is the Okinawan dialect word for peanut and jimami tofu is a simple but much-loved speciality of the island. This is one of the ingredients that Singaporean directors Jason Chan and Christian Lee use […]

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on May, 09 · in Reviews

Good Luck Soup (USA, 2016)

Among the crew of teenagers I hung out with to make the Cleveland exurb of Berea, Ohio tolerable in the 80’s were two friends who were (uhm, and still are) part Asian American. As the […]

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on May, 04 · in Reviews


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