Bei Bei (USA, 2018) [CAAMFest 2019]

A pregnant young woman finds herself at an impossible crossroad. Abandoned by her boyfriend and left alone in a foreign country, growing ever more depressed as the due date for pregnancy approaches, she sees her […]

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on May, 05 · in Reviews

Unlovable (USA, 2018) [CAAMFest 2018]

Joy (Charlene deGuzman) is an intimacy addict, struck with self esteem so low that no level of personal affection can satisfy her. After losing her job, her boyfriend and her apartment in one disastrous sequence […]

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on May, 21 · in Reviews

Havana Divas (Hong Kong, 2018) [CAAMFest 2018]

For her third feature-length documentary, Hong Kong-based scholar/professor/filmmaker Shiyu Louisa Wei turns her attention to the experiences of Caridad Amaran and Georgina Wong Gutierrez. Though Caridad actually has no Chinese blood and Georgina is half-Chinese, […]

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on May, 15 · in Reviews

A Time to Swim (Canada/Malaysia, 2017) [CAAMFest 2018]

In Ashley Duong’s feature-length documentary A Time to Swim, lines of identity politics are crossed. Though the documentary film failed to depict the complexity and material dimension of the conflict crossing between forces of indigeneity […]

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on May, 11 · in Reviews


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