Love on a Diet (Hong Kong, 2001)

This doesn’t happen as often anymore, but back in the early 2000s, Johnnie To would space out his highly stylized crime thrillers with crowd pleasing romantic comedies. In interviews, the Hong Kong filmmaker would often […]

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Saving Mr. Wu (China, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

The kidnapping of actor Wu Ruofu in Beijing in 2004 is recreated (with some creative liberties) by writer-director Ding Sheng and leading man Andy Lau in Saving Mr. Wu, a solid true crime thriller which […]

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The Bodyguard (China, 2016)

The schizophrenic tone of The Bodyguard is apparent from the film’s set-up: after a patriotic credits sequence that shows recruits of China’s Central Security Bureau in training, we find retired operative Ding (Sammo Hung) living in […]

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Firestorm (Hong Kong, 2013) [Terracotta 2014]

Andy Lau is one of Hong Kong’s most commercially successful actors, in part because he has made some smart choices with regards to the range of projects that he chooses. In 2011 alone he had […]

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