They Say Nothing Stays the Same (Japan, 2019) [NYAFF 2020]

Troubled times require clarification, which often requires a troubled approach. Japanese cinema is not alien to attempts to make sense of trouble with trouble; of violence with violence. Written and directed by actor Joe Odagiri, […]

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Unforgiven (Japan, 2013) [Japan Cuts 2014]

Unforgiven is Lee Sang-il’s remake of Clint Eastwood’s classic 1992 Western of the same name. It stars Ken Watanabe, who has been seen in such Hollywood blockbusters as Letters from Iwo Jima (2006), The Last […]

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Starfish Hotel (Japan, 2006)

The literary fiction of the celebrated Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami presents a strangely intoxicating world in which characters wander around the urban environments of major cities, or the rural outskirts, experiencing chance encounters and unusual […]

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