Along the Sea (Japan/Vietnam, 2020)

A Vietnam-Japan co-production, Along the Sea follows three young Vietnamese women, in the dark of the night, in Japan, who leave with their belongings to go by train, by ferry, and then by car to […]

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Interview with the Director, Cinematographer, and Producer of Bleached Bones Avenue [OAFF 2020]

Bleached Bones Avenue is director Akio Fujimoto‚Äôs follow-up to his drama Passage of Life (2017). It is another film that looks at the shared links between Japan and Myanmar but this time, instead of a […]

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Bleached Bones Avenue (Japan, 2020) [OAFF 2020]

Bleached Bones Avenue is the latest title from director Akio Fujimoto. On the face of it, this short is a curious follow-up to his previous work, the family drama Passage of Life (2017), but it continues to examine […]

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Passage of Life (Japan/Myanmar, 2017) [OAFF 2018]

Immigration is a thorny issue the world over and Japan is not immune to it since its tough stance and refusal to take large numbers of refugees draws criticism from nations with more open policies. […]

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