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Shinsedai Special Podcast Report #3 Director’s Spotlight: Yasunobu Takahashi

This is the first of four podcast episodes recorded for the Shinsedai Cinema Festival which happened on July 22nd – 25th.  Specific details about the festival can be found in the remaining three special episodes and at the Shinsedai official website.

In this episode, we shine the director’s spotlight on another talented Japanese filmmaker, Yasunobu Takahashi, whose feature-length debut “Locked Out” was released by his independent production company On the Road Films and has been in constant festival rotation since its 2009 release.  In the first half of this episode, Marc Saint-Cyr of the Toronto JFilm Pow-Wow and I discuss “Locked Out” and, in the second half, I interview Yasunobu Takahashi himself.  In the interview, we talk about the film, the independent cinema scene in Japan, and his next film project.

Directly download this episode here.