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Second Annual East Winds Festival At Coventry University

Third Window Films, in association with The Coventry University East Asian Film Society, is holding their second annual East Winds Festival, which will be held at Coventry University during the weekend of March 2nd to the 4th.

Heading up the line-up of screenings at the festival are mini-retrospectives of two of the more accomplished directors in Asian cinema, Satoshi Miki from Japan and Herman Yau from Hong Kong.

Miki’s mini-retrospective will include three of his best works including In the Pool, Adrift in Tokyo and Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers In addition, Miki and his regular actress Eri Fuse, who has also starred in Hana and Alice (2004) and Boiling Point (1990), will be in attendance for post-screening Q&As.

Yau, famous for ’90s CAT III shockers The Untold Story (1993) and Ebola Syndrome (1996), will also be in attendance for a double-bill of his more recent Woman Knight of Mirror Lake and True Women for Sale.

Also screening during the festival:

Starry Starry Night – Director Tom Lin has worked on recent Taiwanese hit films such as Monga (2010, our review here) and The Wayward Cloud (2005).  Lin will also be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A.

Mitsuko Delivers – Yuya Ishii’s follow-up to the delightful Sawako Decides

The Yellow Sea – Big-budget Korean film from the director of The Chaser

For more information, visit the East Winds Festival page.

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