Rufus de Rham

Rufus de Rham‘s first cinematic memory was the atomic fire breath of Gojira tearing across the screen of his grandparent’s living room. He was hooked and fed himself a steady diet of HK action films, Japanese New Wave films, and Chinese Fifth Generation films growing up. Then he went to Korea and a monster was born. Rufus is now a MA student in the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program at New York University. He holds a BFA in Cinema Studies with a concentration on Korean cinema and culture. He runs the websites Paper Spaceships, focusing on genre literature, and cineAWESOME!, a film review and culture site. When not at school or writing he also makes films for Lucid Visions Film, a filmmaker cooperative located in New York City. He is interested in Korean independent film, New Media, and issues of gender in Korean melodrama. He is also interested in the history of Korean democratic movements and protest culture. Some of his writing on Korean film can be found over at cineAWESOME!. According to him, he is totally awesome. You can email him at rufus <at> cineawesome <dot> com or follow him on twitter.