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Quirky Guys and Gals DVD Out Soon On Third Window Films

Also known in the VCinema offices as “the movie with the ‘Q’ word in its title”, the anthology comedy film Quirky Guys and Gals is getting a UK DVD release courtesy of Third Window Films.

Third Window’s synopsis of the film is as follows:

Quirky Guys and Gals (Sabi Otoko, Sabi Onna) ties together four stories of people searching for a spark in their lives. Yosuke Fujita (Fine, Totally Fine) leads off with “Cheer Girls,” an entertaining tale of a woman (Nanami Sakuraba) whose passion is to lead cheers—though not for sports teams. Rather, she finds common people and creates anthems to encourage them in everyday life. Tomoko Matsunashi’s “Boy? Meets Girl,” is a Tootsie remake in a high-school setting. Mipo O’s “Claim Night” sees the 30-something Mayuko (Tomochika) return home to find the electricity in her apartment turned off, yet when she finally gets a repairman to come over, their over-the-top confrontation gives rise to a wildly comedic situation. Lastly, Gen Sekiguchi (Survive Style 5+) offers up “The House Full of ‘Abandoned’ Businessmen” a quaint tale of a housewife who collects out-of-work salarymen to try and give them a fresh start.

The film’s release is the very definition of “under the radar” considering some of the talent involved.  Co-directors Gen Sekiguchi and Yosuke Fujita were responsible for films that had garnered some serious underground buzz (Survive Style 5+ and Fine, Totally Fine, respectively) even among non-Asian film fans.  We currently do not have a review for the film, but hope to get a copy soon.

Quirky Guys and Gals will be released on October 3rd, but is available for preorder on Amazon UK now.

For more detail about the film and DVD release, check out Third Window’s site.

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