The VCinema Show (aka “The VCinema Podcast”) was our flagship podcast, and much like the VCinema blog, covered Asian film from all countries, genres, and eras. Due to conflicting schedules and failing technology, The VCinema Show is now defunct and only exists in some dark, forgotten areas of the internet. Even we no longer own episodes of our own podcast, which is a shame because had some fun discussions about an array of films (Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo: The Iron Man, both versions of the South Korean classic The Housemaid, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s After Life, Tran Anh Hung’s The Scent of Green Papaya, among others), great guests (such as Jake Adelstein, Jasper Sharp, Patrick Macias), and special episodes (live coverage from the New York Asian Film Festival, Shinsedai Cinema Festival, and Zipangu festivals).

However, The VCinema Show lives on!

The original founders of the podcast, Coffin Jon and Josh, have moved over to the Podcast on Fire, a long running Asian cinema podcast operation with a show for everyone (literally).


Josh can be found as a regular co-host of PoF’s This Week in Sleaze, which covers Category III films (think extreme cinema) Hong Kong films.

Coffin Jon is also a regular co-host of PoF’s Japan On Fire, a serial podcast which covers (surprise!) Japanese cinema. Once only an occasional guest on the show, Jon joined permanently and has helped cover directors Mamoru Oshii, SABU, and others.

As far as the other VCinema Show hosts:

Rufus De Rham started his own podcast and blog, cineAWESOME!, currently on hiatus. Rufus currently works for the New York Asian Film Festival folks.

Stan Glick does not podcast any more, but still contributes to the VCinema blog as well as his own blog, AsianCineFest.