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PLANET OF SNAIL at the ICA London June 22nd – 28th

The documentary Planet of Snail, the second film by acclaimed South Korean director Seung-Jun Yi (Children of God) will be screening from June 22nd to the 28th at the ICA in London courtesy of Dogwoof.  At tonight’s 6:15pm screening, the director will be present for a Q & A.  Dogwoof is also making the film available to view online for members of its Dogwoof.TV subscription service (which we couldn’t access so we assume the service is locked to UK folks).  Details about their service can be found here.

The film documents the relationship between Young-chan, deaf and blind since childhood, and Soon-ho, victim of a childhood spinal injury:

Young-chan comes from the Planet of Snail. Dwellers of this tiny planet are deaf and blind, and call themselves ‘snails’ because they rely only on their tactile senses, and communicating by touch.

When Young-Chan came to Earth, there was nothing Earth offered him. Worse was that nobody understood his language. When he was desperate, an angel walked into his life. Soon-Ho is a woman who knows what loneliness is about and where Young-Chan’s deeply rooted pain comes from. She soon becomes an inseparable part of his life. She is a wife, a soul mate and a window and a bridge to the world for him. Each mundane moment of every routine day becomes tender shared experiences whether it be the hour-long process of changing a simple light bulb, hugging trees and smelling pine cones on the threshold of spring, or the feeling of raindrops landing on the skin. Young-Chan also discovers an amazing world under his fingers. Since he learned to read books with braille, hopes and dreams began to grow in Young-Chan’s heart. He dreams of writing a book. However, Soon-Ho worries about Young-Chan’s future because she cannot always be there for him as she is suffering from her own problem of spine disability. The couple now needs to learn how to survive alone. While Soon-Ho uneasily spends her first day alone waiting for his return, Young-Chan goes out for the biggest adventure of his life.

Tickets to the theatrical screenings of the film can be purchased from ICA’s website.  The trailer can be viewed just below the bump.

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