Pierce Conran

Pierce Conran became a frequent cinema patron when, while attending boarding school outside Ireland, a large multiplex was erected across the road. To escape the tedium of the Irish rural history teachers, the tyranny of the rugby coaches, and the ever-present wetness of the emerald climate, he would trot over the bridge given the slightest opportunity and nestle himself safely within the confines of his new home. It is here that he discovered the potent high afforded from the cocktail of overpriced popcorn, soda sugar rushs, and dim lights. Beyond this he found something that he loved and that he knew he would consecrate his whole life to. Years later, he attended Trinity College Dublin where he studied Film and French Literature. During his time, there he was a prolific and award-winning filmmaker and eventually chairman of the DU Filmmakers, Ireland’s largest film society. In his final year he wrote his thesis on Memories of Murder, to date his favorite Korean film. This, combined with his love of Asian cinema, compelled him to start his Modern Korean Cinema blog, which he filled with reviews (academic and otherwise), musings, views, observations, ruminations, and of course top 10 lists! In his professional life, he currently works as a health policy conference developer and is the editor-in-chief of a medical journal named Accountable Care News. In his spare time, he writes music and scripts, plays tennis, and would love to hike again, if only he could get out of the damn city.

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