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The Raid 2: Berandal (Indonesia, 2014)

There are films you anticipate so much that by the time you watch them, there is no way on earth it can match the expectations you’ve placed on it. And then there are films that ...

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on Apr, 16 · in Reviews

Black Coal, Thin Ice (China, 2014)

The surprise winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin film festival, Black Coal, Thin Ice marks a belated breakthrough for writer-director Diao Yinan following Uniform (2003) and Night Train (2007), a pair of well-received ...

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on Apr, 05 · in Reviews

Confession of Murder (South Korea, 2013) [NYAFF FILM REVIEW]

Sitting down to write a review of Confession of Murder should be a relatively easy thing to do. It’s a film that packs together some absolutely incredible action sequences, some easy-to-decipher social commentary, and plenty ...

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on Jul, 03

Mystery (China, 2012) [NYAFF FILM REVIEW]

It’s a cliché to state that China’s social landscape is constantly changing, but based on the milieu of Mystery, a few years away from home for the Sixth Generation filmmaker Lou Ye seems to have ...

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on Jul, 02

Countdown (2012, Thailand) [NYAFF FILM REVIEW]

Written and directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya, Countdown follows three young adults from Thailand who are living in New York City. Most of the film takes place in the apartment that the three share and the ...

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on Jul, 02

The Animals (Philippines, 2012) [NYAFF FILM REVIEW]

The teenagers in Gino M. Santos’ The Animals belong to the 1% of the Philippine social stratosphere, living an American dream that most Americans would envy. They drink, smoke, pop pills, erupt into violent rages, ...

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on Jul, 01



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