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Next Goal Wins (American Samoa/UK, 2014)

The sports film or documentary of the losing athlete, the losing team, is a genre within itself. We can’t all be winners and we often reveal more about ourselves in how we lose. How we ...

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on Apr, 19 · in Reviews

The Raid 2: Berandal (Indonesia, 2014)

There are films you anticipate so much that by the time you watch them, there is no way on earth it can match the expectations you’ve placed on it. And then there are films that ...

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on Apr, 16 · in Reviews

Linsanity (USA, 2012)

The body speaks metaphors in Evan Jackson Leong’s documentary Linsanity which chronicles the unforeseen rise of Houston Rockets basketball player Jeremy Lin. The loudest of these body metaphors is the image of Lin’s large frame ...

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on Oct, 05

Sana Dati (Philippines, 2013)

Romance, like any well-established genre, has several well-known tropes that must always be followed. Clichés usually involve a man and woman accidentally bumping into each other, the man pursuing the woman even if she happens ...

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on Sep, 07

I’M FLASH! (Japan, 2012)

Written and directed by maverick filmmaker Toshiaki Toyoda, who brought us Monsters Club (2011), a unique vision of the story of the Unabomber, I’M FLASH! is a quasi-gangster film involving a religious cult that generates ...

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on Jul, 16

Subway Cinema’s New York Asian Film Festival YouTube Channel

The wonderful fans of Asian films at Subway Cinema began presenting the annual New York Asian Film Festival twelve years ago. They have been co-presenting it with Film Society Lincoln Center since 2010. This year’s ...

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on Jul, 13



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