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Kako: My Sullen Past (Japan, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS 2016]

I honestly had no expectations for this film. I didn’t browse through reviews or watch the trailer. All I knew about it was that Fumi Nikaido and Kyoko Koizumi were the two leads. I have […]

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on Jul, 24 · in Reviews

Emi-Abi (Japan, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS 2016]

Comedic dramas, or dramedies, are an incredibly hard genre to pull off. A delicate balance and an assured hand in directing is key so the audience can be able to accept the switch in genres […]

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on Jul, 23 · in Reviews

The Priests (South Korea, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

Is anyone up for another exorcism movie? For those who have been to cinematic Hell and back with just a few of Hollywood’s underwhelming attempts to revitalize the religious shocker in the past half-decade – The […]

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on Jun, 21

Twisted Justice (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2016]

The opening film of this year’s New York Asian Film Festival has two titles: Twisted Justice is the international one while the Japanese title literally translates as The Worst Bad Guys in Japan. Both are apt […]

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on Jun, 20

Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell (Japan, 1968)

Hajime Sato is not ranked among the great Japanese B-movie directors, but during the 1960s he directed a string of diverting pulp favourites, including the gothic horror Ghost of the Hunchback (1965), the ridiculous Terror […]

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on Jun, 18

Like a Moth to a Flame: A Profile on Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing

This piece is also a preview of the upcoming, first North American retrospective of Lee-lensed films at the Museum of Modern Art, ‘Luminosity: The Art of Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing,’ 16-30 June 2016 Famed Taiwanese […]

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on Jun, 15



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