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Egg and Stone (China, 2012)

A young teenage girl sits on her bed, her hand reaching into her underpants. There’s a shiny key looped around her neck, a telltale sign that she’s a ledge-door kid. Her room is already dim, […]

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on Sep, 27 · in Reviews

‘Til Madness Do Us Part (China, 2013)

One can’t talk about Wang Bing’s documentary ‘Til Madness Do Us Part first without mentioning its length. Being nearly four hours long, Wang’s documentary on a mental institution in southwestern China can be an uncomfortable […]

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on Sep, 26 · in Reviews

The Tenants Downstairs (Taiwan, 2016) [NYAFF 2016]

Though The Tenants Downstairs is Adam Tsuei’s directorial debut, those familiar with the Asian entertainment media landscape of the last couple of decades may know that he already has quite a commanding, prestigious reputation. Following […]

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on Jul, 08

A Violent Prosecutor (South Korea, 2016) [NYAFF 2016]

Writer-director Lee Il-hyeong’s incredibly assured directorial debut A Violent Prosecutor, in the vein of Inside Men (2015, dir. Woo Min-ho), centers around the male homosocial triangle of corruption whose three points are gangsters, prosecutors, and […]

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on Jul, 07

The Boys Who Cried Wolf (South Korea, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

The increasing necessity and ensuing moral consequences of role-playing in everyday life are examined in Kim Jin-hwang’s first feature The Boys Who Cried Wolf, an intriguing but rather vague mystery in which an actor takes […]

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on Jul, 06

Alone (South Korea, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

A disturbing first-person perspective of cleaning the floor opens Park Hong-min’s second feature film. One notices red spots on the floor as the reason for cleaning, but the spots give way to large blotches of […]

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on Jul, 05



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