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Preview – Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival, June 29- July 1

The Seattle chapter of Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP) is proud to host the first Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival from Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1, 2018, at University of Washington and SIFF Uptown […]

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on Jun, 19 · in News

The Embodied Landscapes of Chloé Zhao’s Songs My Brothers Taught Me (USA, 2015) and The Rider (USA, 2017)

‘There simply are not enough films made about this place and these people.’ – Chloé Zhao[1] A people and a place In filmmaker Chloé Zhao’s statement above, ‘this place’ refers to the Pine Ridge Indian […]

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on Jun, 18 · in Features

Anote’s Ark (Canada, 2018) [LAAPFF 2018]

The title of ethnographic photographer/filmmaker Matthieu Rytz’ documentary film debut, Anote’s Ark, is succinct, even urgently so. With the two words, even before watching the film, the spectator is already confronted with two intertwined subjects: […]

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on May, 08

Love Contractually (China, 2017): Average is Useful

We ask a lot of questions when watching movies. Some can help us understand characters’ motivations, different ones could question where the story is going and sometimes we catch ourselves asking “When is it going […]

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on May, 07

She Remembers, He Forgets (Hong Kong, 2015)

Gigi (Miriam Yeung) is a travel agent yearning to undertake more travel herself but is instead stuck in Hong Kong thanks to her workaholic architect husband Shing-Wah (Jan Lamb) – who may be cheating on […]

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on May, 07

Dreaming Murakami (Denmark, 2017)

When it comes to translators of bestselling Japanese author and pop philosopher Haruki Murakami, readers of English editions will immediately think of Alfred Birnbaum, Philip Gabriel, and Jay Rubin, the latter of whom also wrote […]

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on May, 06



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