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Kako: My Sullen Past (Japan, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS 2016]

I honestly had no expectations for this film. I didn’t browse through reviews or watch the trailer. All I knew about it was that Fumi Nikaido and Kyoko Koizumi were the two leads. I have […]

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on Jul, 24 · in Reviews

Emi-Abi (Japan, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS 2016]

Comedic dramas, or dramedies, are an incredibly hard genre to pull off. A delicate balance and an assured hand in directing is key so the audience can be able to accept the switch in genres […]

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on Jul, 23 · in Reviews

Tetsuo: The Iron Man (Japan, 1989) [NYAFF 2016]

Written and directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a bizarre cyberpunk body horror classic. Filmed entirely in black and white and on 16mm, it stars Tsukamoto as the “Metal Fetishist”, a man […]

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on Jun, 25

The Laundryman (Taiwan, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

Two professions that have been mined by genre cinema to the point of near-redundancy – the assassin and the medium – get a welcome creative jolt from their inspired partnership in The Laundryman. Utilising an […]

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on Jun, 24

Apocalypse Child (Philippines, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

Directed and co-written by Mario Cornejo (along with Monster Jimenez), Apocalypse Child is a character-driven drama that at its core is about the relationship between two young men. Ford (Sid Lucero) is someone who doesn’t […]

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on Jun, 23

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2016]

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle is one of three films at this year’s New York Asian Film Festival directed by Shunji Iwai who will be present at the screening to pick up a lifetime […]

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on Jun, 22



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