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Jia Zhangke: A Guy From Fenyang (Brazil, 2014)

Like criss-crossing rail lines denoting movement both forwards and backwards, so the documentary Jia Zhangke: A Guy From Fenyang, directed by Walter Salles, focuses on Jia and his memories both personal and filmic. The constant […]

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on May, 26 · in Reviews

To Dreams of Kurosawa; or, Space of Authorship and Homage in Johnnie To’s Throwdown (2004)

Between the last shot of Throwdown and its ending credits, Johnnie To reveals a dedication: ‘A Salute to Akira Kurosawa, the Greatest Filmmaker.’ This video essay is my attempt at not only drawing out a […]

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on May, 25 · in Video Essay

Live from UB (USA, 2014) [Asia House Film Festival 2016]

Music documentaries are often as concerned with seismic political shifts as they are with their ostensible mission of chronicling the tribulations of a particular artist, group, or scene. The hardcore nihilism of The Decline of […]

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on Mar, 31

The Bookworm Literary Festival 2016: Multiplex Dreams and Digital Frontiers

2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the Bookworm Literary Festival, an event that constitutes a vital cultural intersection for the city’s arts scene. Although a passion for literature is still very much the heart of the festival, its […]

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on Mar, 30

Flying Colors (Japan, 2015)

Biographical films, especially ones that revolve around triumphs of the human spirit, can range from truly inspirational (The Pursuit of Happyness [2006]) to manipulative award-bait (The Blind Side [2009]) to unmitigated disasters (the agonizing Patch […]

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on Mar, 23

Factory Boss (China, 2014) [Asia House Film Festival 2016]

Set in the extended aftermath of the economic slowdown, Factory Boss focuses on the Dalin Toy Factory in Shenzhen, one of a mere hundred manufacturing enterprises that are still standing in a city that could ‘boast’ […]

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on Mar, 21



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