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White Ant (Taiwan, 2016) [HKIFF 2017]

The opening of White Ant immediately draws us into a sad and lonely existence. A young man called Bai Yide, played by Chris Wu – a former model whom many will recognise from his work […]

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on Apr, 19 · in Reviews

Manga-jima: Island of Cartoons (Japan, 2016) [HKIFF 2017]

The tone and overall theme of Manga-jima: Island of Cartoons is established in the opening shot as a wooden sign stating ‘manga artists only allowed’ is hammered repeatedly into the ground. The premise is simple, […]

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on Apr, 18 · in Reviews

Poetry Angel (Japan, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

Here’s a movie pitch which may not grab you: Poetry Angel is a film about a farmer and a schoolgirl in small-town Japan seeking a way to express themselves through the art of “Poetry Boxing.” Everything […]

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on Mar, 02

Sleepless (Philippines, 2015)

There are now more than one million telemarketing agents in the Philippines, with the country having overtaken India as the call center capital of the world in recent years. In the West, such enterprises are […]

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on Mar, 01

A Yellow Bird (France/Singapore, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

A Yellow Bird is the debut feature of K Rajagopal, a Singaporean director who regularly works in theatre and television documentary. Utilising his background, Rajagopal has created an immediate picture of life at the bottom of […]

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on Feb, 28

Tam Cam: The Untold Story (Vietnam, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

Tam Cam: The Untold Story is ostensibly a straight-faced adaptation of a similarly titled traditional Vietnamese fairytale, which is essentially a variation of the Cinderella story. For this reviewer, underneath the film’s seemingly simple surface […]

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on Feb, 27



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