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Hard-Core (Japan, 2018) [NYAFF 2019)

Adapting a manga into a film is an extremely difficult endeavor, one that many filmmakers often underestimate when they latch on to a popular title, expecting that the same success will transfer over to the […]

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on Jun, 26 · in Reviews

The Very Last Day (Taiwan, 2018)

Bestselling author Raymond (Lawrence Ong) has just released his latest novel. It should be a happy time, but there is discord between him and his wife, Viola (Chou Heng-Yin), as well as between Viola and […]

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on Jun, 25 · in Reviews

Die Tomorrow (Thailand, 2017)

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit has, in the course of his short filmography, already established his propensity to explore and expand cinematic narrative form in relation to themes of human connection and temporality. From his debut feature 36 […]

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on Jun, 17

The Sweet Requiem (India, 2018) [Aperture, 2019]

Husband-and-wife filmmaking duo, Tenzing Sonam and Ritu Sarin, take on the politically charged issue of Tibetan immigration in their latest project, The Sweet Requiem. Set among a community of Tibetan refugees in India, the film […]

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on Jun, 16

The Man Who Feels No Pain (India, 2018) [LIFF 2019]

While the stereotype of Indian films always involves singing and dancing, The Man Who Feels No Pain offers something totally different. It tells the story of Surya (Abhimanyu Dasani), a man who has the rare […]

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on Jun, 15

Ghost of the Golden Groves (India, 2018) [LIFF 2019]

Comprised of two tales set deep in the Shonajhuri forest in rural Bengal, this fantastic debut feature from Aniket Dutta and Roshni Sen (playfully credited under the moniker of Harun-Al-Rashid) can be loosely categorized as […]

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on Jun, 14



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