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Best Director (China, 2019)

Zhang Xian’s feature debut Best Director tells the story of a young Beijing-based director (Jin Jingcheng) who visits his hometown with his fiancé (Jiang Chuyi) to seek the blessing of his parents for a travel wedding. Things […]

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on May, 22 · in Reviews

Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival Goes Online from June 9 – 14

From June 9 – 14, a special edition of the Japanese film festival Nippon Connection will be held in honor of its 20th anniversary. In the course of six days, Nippon Connection Online will present a selection of current and classic films from […]

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on May, 19 · in News

Phantom of Illumination (Thailand, 2017)

The subject of Wattanapume Laisuwanchai’s documentary Phantom of Illumination is a humble projectionist who worked at the same Bangkok neighborhood theater for 26 years until it was closed in 2013. Yet rather than being the […]

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on May, 06

Still Life of Memories (Japan, 2018)

Japan has a complex relationship with depictions of sex and sexuality. As early as the Heian period sexual acts were being depicted on scrolls and other art works, while the invention of woodblock printing during […]

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on May, 05

Interview with Good-bye Director Aya Miyazaki [OAFF 2020]

The life of twenty-something woman Sakura (rising star Mayuko Fukuda) changes when she quits her office position and takes a job at a nursery. This impulsive decision puts her in the orbit of a girl […]

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on May, 04

Good-bye (Japan, 2020) [OAFF 2020]

Aya Miyazaki got the filmmaking bug while studying at Waseda University. She took the video production course in her third year with one of her teachers being Hirokazu Kore-eda. His influence can be felt in […]

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on May, 03



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