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Interview with Satoko Yokohama, Director of Ito [OAFF 2021]

While getting a World Premiere in the Competition section of Osaka Asian Film Festival 2021 indicates the quality of Satoko Yokohama’s latest film Ito, herwork also ended up taking two high-profile accolades at the event […]

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on Apr, 16 · in Interviews

Ito (Japan, 2021) [OAFF 2021]

Winner of the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2021, Ito is a crowd-pleaser with a lot of heart. It was adapted for the screen by director Satoko Yokohama from the first in a […]

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on Apr, 15 · in Reviews

Focus Hong Kong Launches Easter Edition

Following a highly successful Chinese New Year launch event, Focus Hong Kong presents a second programme of films running online in the UK from late March. This Easter edition of the festival runs online from […]

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on Mar, 19

Interview with yes, yes, yes Director Akihiko Yano [OAFF 2021]

I wish I were better at writing about acting because every now and then I watch a film where the performances are so astonishing that I am held spellbound and profoundly moved. In those situations, […]

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on Mar, 18

yes, yes, yes (Japan, 2021) [OAFF 2021]

Sometimes, the meaning of something can be found in the destruction of something else. So it goes in writer-director Akihiko Yano’s ensemble drama yes, yes, yes which depicts a family being reborn after enduring the anguish and […]

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on Mar, 17

Online Lecture by Matthew Hunt on Thai Cinema and Censorship, March 19

After a campaign by the film community protesting against the arbitrary censorship of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Syndromes and a Century, a rating system was introduced to Thai cinemas for the first time in 2008. But that […]

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on Mar, 12



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