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SF8, Episode 1 – “The Prayer” (South Korea, 2020)

Science Fiction is often considered a decidedly American invention. However untrue this statement may be, the cinematic representation of SF has, for most of its history, been dominated by American productions. On the small screen, […]

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on Oct, 25 · in Reviews

All the Things We Never Said (Japan, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

In 2019, the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society and China’s Heaven Pictures launched a pan-Asian project called B2B A Love Supreme wherein six Asian auteurs were tasked with going back to basics and making […]

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on Oct, 24 · in Reviews

The Taste of Tea (Japan, 2004)

The third feature by writer-director Katsuhito Ishii, The Taste of Tea is an absolute wonder. Shunning what typically is the definitive basis of a film narrative – its drama – Ishii creates a vivid visual […]

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on Oct, 06

76 Days (USA, 2020) [LAAPFF 2020]

A documentary on the COVID-19 pandemic may seem a little premature since the entire world remains in the grip of it, however tight or loose that grip may be according to location. What would a […]

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on Oct, 05

Noodle Kid (China/Taiwan, 2019) [LAAPFF 2020]

For the Muslim Hui community in Qinghai Province, located in northwestern China, a frequent trajectory for adolescents has been to stop their primary schooling in their hometown and apprentice at a noodle restaurant in order […]

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on Oct, 04

Lovers on Borders (Japan/Portugal, 2018)

Lovers on Borders is an international co-production between Japan and Portugal based on an original script by screenwriter Shigeru Murakoshi and director Atsushi Funahashi. It tells the story of a relationship between two lost souls […]

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on Oct, 01



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