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Yamato (California) (Japan, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS, 2017]

The screener of Yamato (California) provided for reviewers comes with the request, “Please watch in the loudest volume possible!!” This leads one to expect that Daisuke Miyazaki’s tale of an aspiring rapper is going to be a […]

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on Jul, 20 · in Reviews

Summer Lights (France, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS 2017]

Summer Lights comes from the award-winning French filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot. His past work has consisted of non-fiction shorts about war, human rights, and political struggles. He continues to explore these issues here in his first fiction […]

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on Jul, 17 · in Reviews

Suffering of Ninko (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2017]

Seeing someone suffer is rarely fun but this film all about a Buddhist priest who is cursed to be sexually irresistible to all around him is sure to amuse audiences. Ninko (Masato Tsujioka) is a […]

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on Jul, 07

Close-Knit (Japan, 2017) [NYAFF 2017]

It has been five years since Naoko Ogigami’s last film, but her latest continues the thematic strand of challenging normative notions of belonging and finding/forging a space of one’s own — on one’s terms — […]

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on Jul, 06

The Gangster’s Daughter (Taiwan, 2016) [NYAFF 2017]

The gangster genre has been a staple of cinema for as long as I can remember, and filmmakers continue to find new ways of exploring society’s fascination over a life of glamorized crime. Chen Mei-Juin […]

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on Jul, 05

Rage (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2017]

Rage concerns the desperate need for human connection and the difficulties in maintaining trust when paranoia grips. It takes place in four different communities in three separate regions of Japan and follows the fallout of […]

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on Jul, 04



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