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Preview – The Story of China: SACU Talk by Professor Michael Wood, London, March 15, 2019

Historian and broadcaster Michael Wood will give a talk on at EY’s (Ernst & Young) London offices on March 15. Illustrated with film clips, he will reflect on some of the themes in his recent […]

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on Feb, 22 · in News

Who Killed Cock Robin (Taiwan, 2017)

In a country eleven times smaller than the state of California, intertwining narratives are likely to be more commonplace in Taiwan than its neighbours, perhaps even inescapable. Though the odds of life-changing and eye-opening events […]

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on Feb, 19 · in Reviews

One Night Only (China, 2016)

Gao Ye (Aaron Kwok) is a gambling addict deeply in debt with local loan sharks. When a sex worker named Mo Mo (Yang Zishan) turns up at his hotel door, he soon sees it as […]

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on Feb, 09

Call for Papers – Women in East Asian Cinema, A Chinese Film Forum UK Conference, HOME, Manchester, December 4-6, 2019

Recent interventions into global film and processes of canonisation have worked to highlight the contributions of women in spaces and discourses previously dominated by men. Yet, despite these social and academic movements, women remain under-represented […]

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on Feb, 08

The Enigma of Arrival (China, 2018)

From the start of The Enigma of Arrival, we are guided through a maze of superimposed and dreamy scenes by the languorous voice of the narrator, San Pi (Liu Weibo). The prologue begins with a […]

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on Feb, 05

Motel Mist (Thailand, 2016)

A former child star disappears amid reports that he was hallucinating having conversations with aliens. A middle-aged man picks up a teenager and takes her to a nearby love motel, but is followed by her […]

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on Feb, 03



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