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Yamato (California) (Japan, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS, 2017]

The screener of Yamato (California) provided for reviewers comes with the request, “Please watch in the loudest volume possible!!” This leads one to expect that Daisuke Miyazaki’s tale of an aspiring rapper is going to be a […]

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on Jul, 20 · in Reviews

Summer Lights (France, 2016) [JAPAN CUTS 2017]

Summer Lights comes from the award-winning French filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot. His past work has consisted of non-fiction shorts about war, human rights, and political struggles. He continues to explore these issues here in his first fiction […]

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on Jul, 17 · in Reviews

Alley Cat (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2017]

Have you heard the one about the ex-boxer who lost his cat? After several days of searching, Hideaki (Yosuke Kubozuka) spots his pet feline Maru being cradled in the arms of Ikumi (Kenji Furuya), a […]

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on Jul, 12

Dawn of the Felines (Japan, 2016) (NYAFF 2017)

Kazuya Shiraishi’s Dawn of the Felines is not a cat zombie film but a melancholic entry in the Roman porno reboot series that provides a look into the lives of three stranded women, whom we […]

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on Jul, 11

Aroused by Gymnopedies (Japan, 2016) (NYAFF 2017)

Aroused by Gymnopedies is an entry in the Roman Porno reboot series which also includes Sion Sono’s Anti-Porno (2016), Akihiko Shiota’s Wet Woman in the Wind (2016), Kazuya Shiraishi’s Dawn of the Felines (2016), and Hideo Nakata’s White […]

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on Jul, 10

Japanese Girls Never Die (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2017]

Those who read my reviews will know that I am a huge fan of Japanese actress Yu Aoi. Ever since I saw her in Hana and Alice (2004), I have been a great admirer of her […]

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on Jul, 09



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