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Jon Jung (aka “Coffin Jon”) is the producer and host of the VCinema podcast and editor-in-chief of the VCinema blog. He contributed several essays to World Film Locations: Tokyo (Intellect, 2011). Jon lives in San Francisco, but wishes he was back in Japan where he lived for seven years.

One Moment of Asia Series Starting This Week!

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Back in the beginning of the year, one of my goals was to extend the coverage of VCinema into other arts and culture based in Asia.  Of course, the foundation of VCinema will always be Asian cinema coverage on both the blog and podcast, but it seems natural to start talking about other things too since cinema does not exist in its own little bubble.  After all, Giant Robot, which I started reading in the mid-90s and still remains one of my major influences in starting VCinema, started out covering Asia and Asian-American tinged youth subculture before branching out into arts, literature, cinema, etc meanwhile still maintaining their independent and community-minded spirit.

Thus, our first non-cinema series is now born and entitled One Moment of Asia (OMoA).  This weekly series will feature high quality photography of Asia from Miyuki Kobayashi, who recently joined the VCinema team.  I first met Miyuki, like many other cinema friends, through social networking and saw that she had a good visual eye, so I asked her if she wanted to shoot various film locations of classic films around Tokyo, where she lives.  After some talking, we decided to expand on the idea to include photography of all kinds taken during her travels around Asia.  So, once a week, she will be posting one moment of Asia that will bound to capture your imagination.

One note about the pictures: though they are small and compressed in the blog posts, you can click on the pictures themselves and see them in their full-sized glory.  Enjoy and let us know what you think about the series!

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