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Noboru Iguchi taking on "Tomie Unlimited"

Noboru Iguchi should be a fairly well known figure amongst genre film fans at this point, after all he is the man who helped ultimately create the new wave of Asian splatter that is all the rage and helped inspire the Sushi Typhoon production company. Another title that should be familiar to fans of Japanese genre cinema is Tomie. The series has spawned numerous sequels and has been persistent in its name recognition since the early 00’s.

It appears now that these two worlds have actually combined and Iguchi is currently filming an entry into the series himself, titled Tomie Unlimited. Will this mean we’ll see haunted teenagers as well as monsters with penises growing out of their heads and/or nipples? One can only hope, but I somehow doubt it. Regardless, I think its safe to say that Tomie Unlimited could be an interesting little slice of contemporary J-Horror.

Villainess ghost girl Tomie will be played by Miu Nakamura this time out and Moe Arai will be leading the cast. Filming began on September 23rd and currently there is no official release date.

Sources: NipponCinema & Anime News Network

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