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New Battle Royale 3D Trailer

In a move that brought many groans from Japanese cinephiles, Toei announced a revamped version of Kinji Fukasaku’s 2000 cult hit and swansong Battle Royale to celebrate the film’s tenth anniversary.   Not only would this new version be repurposed into 3D but would also include a number of added effects and a new theme song by half-Japanese/half-American songstress Anna Tsuchiya, who herself was old enough to have been a Battle Royale participant at the time of the film’s release.  A new trailer of most of these new additions (not the 3D, of course) has just been released.Admittedly, the film looks great and the post-production work on it seems to have cleaned up the muddiness of the original print that I remember seeing in a Yokohama theater back at the time of the film’s release.  The added CG blood and bullets look suitably fake and the theme song just sounds completely out of place, making the project just seem like an attempt to cash in on the film’s reputation for bloodshed while completely ignoring its broader themes of friendship and sacrifice.  In the “how things have changed” department, back in 2000, Fukasaku was under political fire for producing a film thought to be excessively violent, so it’s ironic that Toei has made this newer version its main selling point.

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  1. Chris
    13 October, 2010

    Totally agree. I’m a fan of Tsuchiya’s music, but it just doesn’t fit the picture. I really dig the old orchestral score. The CG blood is excessive to the point of absudity…but it might be okay. Here’s hoping they don’t totally screw it up, like Ghost in the Shell 2.0.

  2. […] posting is a follow-up to the Battle Royale 3D news bit we posted last week and will serve mainly as a contrastive analysis to how each version of the film […]

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