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New 35mm Print of Kuroneko Picked up by Janus Films

For fans of classic Japanese cinema, we have some very promising news for you! Janus Films has picked up the rights for the Kaneto Shindo (Naked Island, Onibaba) directed horror classic Kuroneko. Janus Films are best known for their work with distributing the works of foreign filmmakers, many of them masters such as Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman and Federico Fellini. The film should start airing at select theaters in October and Janus Films already has five play dates listed with more to come as they are verified. This is also big news due to the close relationship that Janus Films has with The Criterion Collection. Although nothing is confirmed or even rumored just yet, fans of Onibaba can start wrenching their hands in anticipation for a no doubt pristine DVD version of this classic! Hopefully Janus films will have a idea for a DVD release date sometime in the near future!

Here is the Blurb that Janus Films has up on their page for Kuroneko:

In war-torn medieval Japan, a demon haunts the Rajomon Gate, ripping out the throats of samurai in the grove beyond. The governor sends a war hero to confront the spirit, but what the man finds are two beautiful women who look just like his lost mother and wife. Both a chilling ghost story and a meditation on the nature of war and social hypocrisy, Kuroneko is the second horror triumph from director Kaneto Shindo (Naked Island, Onibaba), who mixes stunning visuals, an evocative score, and influences from Noh theater to create an atmospheric, haunting, and emotionally devastating masterpiece.

Also, if you are located somewhere nearby, the play dates that are confirmed as of this posting are as follows:

October 22 – 28
New York, NY – Film Forum

October 29 – November 4
Boston, MA – Landmark Kendall Square

November 5 – 11
Portland, OR – Cinema 21

November 19 – 25
Los Angeles, CA – Landmark Nuart

December 3
Rochester, NY – George Eastman House

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