My 2012 in Review: Josh

What should I talk about when writing about events that happened over this passing year? This is something that I have contemplated so much that I have risked missing my deadline. VCinema began its life as a podcast in which Jon and myself were to discuss our cinematic interests. At the time, we were going to cover a wide spectrum of cult cinema and film oddities. However, we both quickly realized that our “specialties” lie in the Asian film market, which was a podcast topic to which a few shows were specifically dedicated. Skip forward a couple of years and VCinema has grown exponentially. The podcast begot a website and the website has helped completely change what “VCinema” is. With that in mind, I see it more fitting to discuss elements from my own personal 2012 experience and not necessarily listing out individual movies.

I suppose the biggest accomplishment that I had with VCinema during this past year was the redesign of the website. For those who don’t know, VCinema runs off of WordPress, and changing out themes can be a very easy process – or it can be a long, painful, and arduous one. For us, it was certainly more of the latter than the former. I am unable to correctly recall exactly when our plans for the website began, but it seems as if we worked on it for the entirety of this year. The majority of that time was spent discussing ideas and trying out various themes to find what worked and what did not. With one theme, VCinema almost went into a highly complex and very advanced looking page that was based off of the mechanisms behind a gaming website. This theme had a great deal of panache and was certainly visually impressive. I had even completely skinned the theme and supplied entirely new graphics. Yet, when Jon and I started to discuss the issue, we decided that it didn’t really fit the VCinema mold. Ultimately, after another month of searching, we stumbled upon the current theme that we are now using. However, the job wasn’t over at that point (editor’s note: As of January 2013, it still isn’t!). The next couple of months revolved around Jon and I having daily Facebook discussions about tweaking out both the graphics and the features. In the end, the result was a trimmed down version of the site that hopefully comes across as less cluttered and more functional. I’ll let the readers determine if this is true, but for now, I’m hoping that 2013 won’t include another painfully drawn out search for another perfect theme!