Miyuki Kobayashi

Miyuki Kobayashi is the photographer behind VCinema’s weekly One Moment of Asia photo series. She was born and raised in Tokyo where she also graduated from an art school with a focus on oil painting. At the age of ten, Miyuki saw a Crazy Cats film and has been a fan and student of film ever since. Her main interest is classic Japanese film and specializes in knowledge about films from Toho, Shin-Toho, Daiei, and PCL. In addition, she is a big fan of Asian film in general especially Chinese and Indian cinema. Her photographs were taken on her travels through Asia in which she’s been to China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and others. Most of them were taken in her native Tokyo where she has taken pictures in nearly all parts of the city. She encourages requests of places in Tokyo of where people would like to see photographs.

She claims to be an amateur photographer and says she uses a Pentax K-7 in addition to various lenses.

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