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“Love Will Tear Us Apart” Film Program at NYC Japan Society

Did Valentine’s Day burn you out on love?  Or did it just leave you wanting for more?  Either way, The Japan Society in New York City has put together “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, a film series including twenty two films from Korea and Japan about the things we do for and in the name of love, some of which are not very, well, lovely.  The series will run from March 2nd to the 18th and most screenings are $12/$9 for Japan Society members, seniors, and students.

The centerpieces of the program are the U.S. Premiere of KOTOKO directed by Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo – The Iron Man, 1989), a film which has received rave reviews and already been picked up by Third Window Films for UK distribution.  Also a premiere, Petrel Hotel Blue directed by Koji Wakamatsu (United Red Army, 2007) will be making its worldwide debut during the event.  Wakamatsu, a long time provocateur in film, is famous for many of his ’60s and ’70s efforts (among them, 1969’s Go, Go Second Time Virgin and 1972’s Ecstacy of the Angels) which mixed pinku film with politics.

The remainder of the series films mainly hail from the last decade, many of which are the best from the period: Chang-dong Lee’s Oasis (2002, our podcast review here), Hideo Nakata’s Chaos (2000), Nagisa Oshima’s In the Realm of the Senses (1976), and Hirokazu Koreeda’s Air Doll (2009) among many others.

Of course some special guests will be involved with the program and VCinema is proud that our very own John Berra will be present to introduce and possibly give post-screening Q&As for Air Doll, My Dear Enemy (2008), plus two other Shinya Tsukamoto films, Vital (2004) and A Snake of June (2003).  Other confirmed guests include Japanese film historian Go Hirasawa and actresses Hyunri and Hitomi Katayama.

For more information about this program, check out the Japan Society film page here.   Also, check out John Berra’s review of My Dear Enemy on our affiliate site, New Korean Cinema, here.

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  1. Adam Hartzell
    21 February, 2012

    Considering the recent news, this series likely stumbled onto some un-initiated PR by naming the series “Love Will Tear Us Apart” –

  2. […] from Samuel Jamier, Programming Director of the Japan Society, to introduce selected screenings for Love Will Tear Us Apart, the sixth annual Globus film series that coincided with the publication of my new edited […]

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