Life Journeys: Four Thai Films at the Freer

Asian film at the the Freer – Sackler Gallery continues!  September will see films from two countries in the region, India and Thailand, at this Smithsonian Institution venue.

The ongoing event of the two is their Indian Visions series which concludes with a screening of Urumi: The Warriors Who Wanted to Kill Vasco da Gama, a 2011 historical epic directed by Santosh Sivan (Ashoka the Great).  Urumi will be screened on September 16th and serve as the concluding film of the Indian Visions series.

Starting concurrently to the Indian series is Life Journeys: Four Thai Films, from a country whose diverse output has recently included solid genre films such as the Ong Bak series and mysterious arthouse classics such as Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.  Included in this series are debut features I Carried You HomeIn April the Following Year There Was a Fire, directed by Tongpong Chantarangkul and Wichanon Somumjarn, respectively, as well as Kongdei Jaturanrasmee’s acclaimed feature P-047. To top it off,  Itthi-sunthorn Wichailak’s The Overture, only his second feature since acclaimed 1983 debut Look Bar, will also be screened.  Preceding The Overture screening will be a live performance by traditional Thai xylophone master Thaworn Sriphong, who worked as a consultant on the film.

All of the mentioned screenings are held in the Meyer Auditorium are free, walk-in events.  Check out Freer-Sackler’s film events page for more information on dates, times, and directions.