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Two Japanese Film Books Coming From Intellect Soon

Your book shelf just got a little more crowded with two Japanese film books from UK publisher Intellect Books that you’ll surely want to add to your library.

The first of these, World Film Locations Tokyo, has been mentioned on our site before, but as a quick recap, the book explores themes in fifty key scenes from films based in the capital city.  Also as previously mentioned,VCinema editor and podcast host Jon, lead writer John Berra, as well as past and current contributors and guests all contributed essays to this edition of the series.   Paperback and Kindle eBook versions of World Film Locations Tokyo are already available in the UK via Amazon.  The Kindle eBook version is also in the U.S., but the paperback release has been pushed back slightly to October 15th.

Directory of World Cinema: Japan Volume 2 continues the first’s look at Japanese film not only as a trendy form of pop culture media, but also a national cinema with its own unique history and viewpoint.  Again, much like the first book, this volume contains a number of essays on filmmakers, genres, and movements within Japanese cinema.  Editor John Berra, also lead writer at VCinema, provided us with a list of the book’s contributors, a veritable who’s who of Western Japanese film writers:

Dr. Colette Balmain (Introduction to Japanese Horror Film), Patrick Galloway (Stray Dogs and Lone Wolves: The Samurai Film Handbook), Dr. Aaron Gerow (Kitano Takeshi), Jim Harper (Flowers from Hell: The Modern Japanese Horror Film), Helen McCarthy (The Anime Encyclopedia), Brian Ruh (Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii) and Tom Vick (Asian Cinema: A Field Guide)

Much like the first Directory of World Cinema Japan, this second volume will include essays about filmmakers, genres, and movements in Japanese cinema.  Also included will be an interview with John Williams, a British filmmaker who has spent his last two decades in Japan and directed two films, director of Firefly Dreams (2001) and Starfish Hotel (2007), while there.

The planned date of release for Directory of World Cinema Japan Volume 2 is early 2012.  No word if there will be an eBook version as well, but we will report details as they are given to us.

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