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Japan Flix Free Weekend

Another news item about Japan Flix!  We can’t get these guys out of our meager news pipe!

Starting on August 5th until the 7th, the Japanese film distributor will be making two of its movies available to view for free to everyone in North America who registers to their site.  The two free movies will be chosen by the distributor itself (check their blog for details), but registration is quick and free.

This will be a great way to test the service.  In our interview with Japan Flix president Teru Takayama, I inquired about whether an online-only service could convert an audience whose home viewing is generally dedicated to their DVD collections, to which Teru’s reply essentially was that if people could try out their service, their minds would be changed.  Good to know that Japan Flix is willing to put their money where their mouths are.

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