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Japan Flix Streams Pink Eiga Films

During our podcast interview with Japan Flix president Teru Takayama, the announcement was made of the company’s streaming service which is now up and running.  In a follow-up question about whether the fledgling film distributor was hoping to add other distributors’ films to the catalog, Mr. Takayama said they were “looking into [it]”.  Well, it seems that they’ve indeed looked into then added another company’s catalog to their service: Pink Eiga.

Pink Eiga themselves are a relatively new distributor of Japanese films and specialize in the pink film (or “pinku eiga”) genre, somewhat similar to the softcore or “skinemax” films.  Despite some of its seemingly lurid subject matter, the pink film industry has been an important facet of the Japanese industry and where several acclaimed “legit” directors such as Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Pulse, Cure) and Yojiro Takita (Departures) cut their teeth.

This move seems to be a complementary one for each party as it helps bolster Japan Flix’s online catalog with a line of films from a distributor that, while also new, have already made a big splash with fans of Asian film, crossing over into exploitation film fans in general.  For Pink Eiga, the move gives the company a stronger online presence as well as its fans instant access to its catalog.

The selection of Pink Eiga films in the “Adult” section of Japan Flix’s site.

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