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HIMIZU DVD & Blu-Ray Out Next Week!

After yesterday’s news of Sion Sono’s Love Exposure getting an August 6th Blu-Ray release, Third Window Films has announced that it’s also releasing Sono’s latest, Himizu, on PAL region DVD and Blu-Ray on the exact same day.  This might be the best pairing in history since the Double Mint twins!

In a film that John Berra described in his review as “a genuinely compassionate piece of filmmaking”, Himizu’s synopsis is as follows:

Up-and-comers Shota Sometani and Fumi Nikaido star as 15 year old school kids living a dystopian existence where each of their parents hope and encourage them to die. Set in tsunami-hit areas of Japan, which are used as a backdrop, the story follows roughly that of the manga of the same name. “Don’t give up.” The constant refrain repeated in radio and television programmes to a nation hit by the merciless catastrophe sounds even more ominous when written in a note left by Yuichi Sumida’s mother after running off with her lover. At fifteen, Sumida (Sometani) is left alone to manage the family’s languishing boat-rental business and fend off his drunk and penniless father’s bouts of violence. Sumida sees his simple dream for an ordinary future rapidly evapo­rating before his eyes. Sharing similarly humble but fading dreams is his classmate Keiko Chazawa (Nikaidou), who also happens to have a major crush on him, even though Sumida seems deeply annoyed by her presence.

Sumida fights frequently with his father, is abandoned by his mother and tends to reject friendly advances of others. Real violence enters Sumida’s life when his drunken father goes too far in taunting him. Shocked by the crime he has committed, and the fact he’ll never be able to lead the “ordinary” life he planned on, Sumida paints his face and stalks the city streets with a kitchen knife, crazily determined to make amends to society by killing wrong-doers.

Both the DVD versions will include the full-length feature film with Japanese audio and removable English subtitles.  Bonus content includes a 70 minute ‘Making Of’, extended scenes, interview with actor Denden, who’s also in the film, and theatrical trailer.

To read more about the film and place a pre-order, check out Third Window Films’ dedicated Himizu page.

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