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Welcome to VCinema!

Welcome to the home of VCinema. What is VCinema you might ask yourself? It is both a podcast and a webcast focusing mainly on cult/genre cinema with very diverse subject matter. Horror and gore will be welcome right alongside more serious foreign dramatic fare. The VCinema webcast is a monthly affair that usually happens on the last Sunday of every month. Hosted by Coffin Jon the show features introductions, movie reviews, video compilations and a feature length film. Movies shown in the past have included the likes of Peter Jackson’s Dead-Alive (AKA Braindead), Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, The Stabilizer and Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Serpent’s Path.

The podcast hasn’t made its debut just yet and is still in the production process, but stay tuned because it will be arriving soon. In that time, keep checking back here as we’re bound to put up news as soon as we get it. Also, VCinema is endorsed fully by Varied Celluloid, and if you’re not familiar with that site: get to it!

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  1. TheSufferingFanboy
    7 January, 2010

    First ever comment on the VCinema site! My name shall be carved into the annals of history!

  2. Christopher D. Jacobson
    3 February, 2010

    Don’t you mean the “anals” of history, TSF? Ha!

    —Abnormal Freak

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