Call for Papers – East Asian Journal of Popular Culture


In recent decades, there has been a huge rise in the interest in East Asian popular culture and the East Asian Jounal of Popular Culture engages directly with that trend. From film to music; art to translation and fashion to tourism, this journal will offer a forum where multidisciplinary work can come together in new and exciting ways.

The editors of the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture encourage articles that are both localized (towards a specific popular culture tend, figure or industry) as well as articles that are more global in their outlook (forging links between East Asian popular culture and wider global issues). We look for papers that engage with current as well as emerging issues in popular culture in East Asia, cosplay culture, food culture, kawaii, manga and anime, martial arts, politics, and the complex relationships between nationalism and popular culture. We are interested in multidisciplinary papers (sport and leisure, digital media, history, media, fashion, music, material culture and literature). Papers and works on translation studies, as well as cultural history and anthropology will be also welcomed.

Topics that could be examined include:
· Cultural Translation in East Asia
· K-Pop
· Shanzhai culture
· Fandom in East asia
· Consumerism in East Asia
· Spectacle and Performance
· Fashion
· Cosplay culture
· Anime in East Asia
· Internet/mobile technologies/virtual border crossings
· Tourism and the tourist imaginary
· Baseball Culture in East Asia
· Food Culture
· Manga
· Communication networks in East Asia
· Martial Arts Culture
· East Asian Cinema systems and cultural interaction
· East Asian popular culture as an academic discipline

Papers should be 6,000 words in length and conform to the Intellect style guide.

If you would like to submit a paper please contact