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Full Trailer for Bruce Lee, My Brother

Even after his death in 1973, Bruce Lee has been considered the quintessential star of the martial arts film genre.  He has been at the very top of the totem pole for nearly forty years at this point and his name still resonates amongst even your most average film-fans.  There have been bio-pics made about the man in the past, and none have been able to capture his presence or power, but Raymond Yip (Warlords) is setting out to hopefully deliver the best adaptation of the well beloved star’s life story.

Starring newcomer Aarif Li in the title role of everyone’s favorite action movie star, he is going to have to give his all in order to impress the fans and win them over more than Bruce Li (notorious Bruce Lee clone from the Brucesploitation genre) ever did. Twitch has posted up the trailer for our viewing pleasure, so check it out and post your thoughts!

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