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Episode 4: Outlaw High

The VCinema gang look fondly back at their high school days with the hostage sieges, food fights, stunt mannequins, pep rallies, and teen suicides.  Oh crap, they actually just review Sogo Ishii’s debut 1978 film Panic High School.  Also included is the usual shenanigans: the Netflix Instant Watch, film discussion question (“Does cult film deserve to be revered and homaged?”), Twitter question (“What’s your favorite high school movie?”), and other blathering about film.  They also start shopping for party favors for their first big themed episode.  Details included in this episode

Panic High School

The Searchers

Still Walking

Rock and Roll High School

Blue Spring

Isseifubi Sepiya video directed by Sogo Ishii with Sho Aikawa

Track Listing:

S.O.B. – Leave me Alone

Soul Scream – Uzuku Yokkyuu

Rhymester – Kuchi Kara Demakase

The Stalin – Niku

GISM – Anthem

DJ Krush (feat Rino) – Shin-Sekai

Lamp Eye – Shougen

To download episode 4, right click and ‘save as’ here.

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  1. Aki
    31 March, 2010

    Hey guys – enjoyed this episode ( as well as the others), impressed by the range of
    film knowledge between the two of you. Great track list! ganbatte!

  2. […] long ago.  Longtime VCinema fans might remember that I gave a short review of this film during episode four in our old “Netflix Instant Watch” segment.  The release date of Still Walking is […]

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