Episode 32: Merantau

The VCinema gang went on a journey to physical and spiritual enlightenment and all they brought back was this lousy podcast.  Actually, this episode is elevated from lousy to decent status by the presence of guest host James from the Criterion Cast and cineAWESOME!  who joins us in a feature discussion of the 2009 martial arts extravaganza from Indonesia, Merantau.  Also in this episode, we have an interview with Teru Takayama, president of Japan Flix, a streaming-only film distributor who talk about their how they got started, their current business space, and plans moving ahead in the online world.  All this, more talk about the New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts in New York, Doctor Who spin-offs, why your butt is going to be landing in Pyongyang soon, why Mr. T doesn’t approve of downloading, and a whole lot more!

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