Episode 31: Champion

In this episode, we forsake our ethnocentric ways by looking away from U.S. Independence Day to celebrate a far more international occasion: International Talk Like Randy “Macho Man” Savage Day.  When you tire of hearing our less than manly attempts at replicating Mr. Savage, there’s still plenty of film talk.  In keeping with the occasion, this episode is boxing themed.  We revive our DocuAsia segment with a look at an early work by Toshiaki Toyoda (Blue Spring, 9 Souls), his 2000 boxing documentary Unchain.  Next, our feature discussion is based around Champion, a 2002 biopic based on the life of Kim Deuk-koo, a South Korean boxer who forever changed the sport.  And, of course, we have our usual banter, banter, banter, updates on the New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts, and a whole lot more.  OOOOHH YEEEEEAH!!!

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