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Episode 25: The Housemaid(s)

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Welcome to episode 25, recorded especially for the Korean Cinema Blogathon 2011!  In this special episode (aren’t they all special, though?!), Adam Hartzell from, the longest running English-language resource on Korean film, joins our review panel to discuss Kim Ki-Young’s The Housemaid (1960)- AVAILABLE FOR FREE VIEWING ON MUBI.COM (you’ll get the joke once you’ve listened to this episode…) as well as Im Sang-Soo’s 2010 reimagining.  We also diss on Park Chan-wook yet again, give our picks of films to watch this episode, and make a general nuisance of ourselves (as usual).  Enjoy!


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  3. meppi
    30 April, 2011

    Perhaps a bit late with this, but I wanted to grab the DVD of the original film and watch it before I listened to the podcast.

    Just heard you guys mention that the movies aren’t available on DVD, yet I was able to grab the Korean Digipack version of the restored film from one seller on ebay, who still has a couple of copies left as I write this.

    The movie was missing 2 reels and those have been replaced with a lower quality print to complete the film.
    So that’s the sad part.
    The good part is that the majority of the movie looks brilliant. 🙂

  4. […] On the podcast you’ve covered some interesting Korean titles on the show including the two Housemaid films, Oasis, Aimless Bullet, Barking Dogs Never Bite, The City of Violence, Champion and Public […]

    19 May, 2012

    wow this was a perfect episode .. i like it very much.. thanks for sharing

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