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Jon Jung (aka “Coffin Jon”) is the producer and host of the VCinema podcast and editor-in-chief of the VCinema blog. He contributed several essays to World Film Locations: Tokyo (Intellect, 2011). Jon lives in San Francisco, but wishes he was back in Japan where he lived for seven years.

Episode 18: Twenty-Four Eyes

Prepare to wipe those tears!  This episode has us looking at a golden classic of post-war (1954 was the film’s year of release, to be exact) Japanese cinema, Keisuke Kinoshita’s Twenty-Four Eyes.  Is the film still deserving the honor of having beat its peers, including Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, for several prestigious film awards or is it just a product of its time?  Find out as we look more closely at one of the most beloved films in Japanese history.

Also included in this episode is a quirky letter from an old friend of the show, the beginnings of our new B-Boy theme song, and the usual film-related talk and tomfoolery.


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  1. […] we have also chosen films from the classic eras such as Aimless Bullet, the original Housemaid, and Twenty-Four Eyes, to help raise awareness that there is a rich history of film from the region, not just the modern […]

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