Dreaming Murakami – 48-Hour Free Global Streaming Premiere

Festival favorite Dreaming Murakami will be released for worldwide streaming, free of charge, for 48 hours from 7pm (CET) on January 19th to 7pm (CET) on January 21st 2019.

Dreaming Murakami broaches the work of the best-selling author Haruki Murakami from the angle of the translator, an invisible and often under-appreciated voice. The imagination of Mette Holm, translator of Murakami’s works from Japanese into Danish, is closely bound to the author’s writings, a place where the ethereal and the real are often indistinguishable. Distinct from traditional novel-to-film adaptations like Norwegian Wood, this is an acute illustration of the sensitivities necessary to translate a writer’s world.

The world that Danish director Nitesh Anjaan conjures up transcends borders, countries and even linguistic barriers. Admirers of Murakami’s work can be found in every corner of the globe thanks to thoroughly dedicated translators like Holm. Therefore, lovers of literature from all over the globe are invited come together for this global streaming premiere and dive inside Murakami’s surreal universe together.

VCinema reviewer John Berra praised Dreaming Murakami as “exquisitely realized” in his review last year. He also included the documentary in his Asian cinema highlights of 2018, enthusing that “Anjaan gets closer to the Murakami vibe than straightforward adaptation.”

This global streaming premiere will take place via the Dreaming Murakami website. Directly after, at 20:00 CET, viewer are invited to join a Q&A with Anjaan and Holm. The Q&A takes place on Facebook, and this will be communicated via the event page.

Please note that Dreaming Murakami will not be available for streaming in Japan during the 48 hours. This is because the film will have its Japanese release later in 2019.

So get online on January 19th at 7pm (CET) and join the fight against the Worm!