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Criterion’s Hausu Hits the Shelves Today

For those unfortunate souls who have missed Nobuhiko Obayashi’s absurdist horror film Hausu and its theatrical run in the past year, today is the North American street date for both the Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray editions of the film.  Even those who did manage to catch the film (this author did three times), both editions include plenty of bonus features created especially for this release including new interviews with the director and screenwriter (Chiho Katsura who, after Hausu, co-penned the anime films Sea Prince and the Fire Child and the recent The Little Girl Who Conquered Time), a rare Obayashi short Emotion, and more.  In addition, both discs have been given the Criterion treatment which means little girl-eating pianos have probably never looked so good.

Hausu can be purchased directly from Criterion and many other online and b&m retailers.

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