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It comes to no surprise here at VCinema that Third Window Films know what they like and move on unknown, but potentially great titles faster than you can say “Weinstein”.  Third Window’s latest release Crime or Punishment comes out on DVD on May 24th with very little fanfare except Third Window’s own endorsement (and we have to say that they have far more hits than misses in their catalog).

Crime or Punishment is a 2009 comedy directed by cult new wave band Uchoten frontman Keralino Sandorovich (aka Kera):

Ayame (Riko Narumi; Trick: The Movie), an unsuccessful female celebrity, who takes on the PR role of a campaign girl/“police chief for a day”.  Seemingly a simple job, however, the police station staff treat her like the real police chief and look to her for instructions. In addition, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Haruki (Kento Nagayama; Villain), who is now a detective at the station, which means her ex is now her subordinate for the day.

The DVD extras include a “making-of”, excerpts of the original stage play on which Crime or Punishment?!? is based, and the film’s trailer which you can also view just below the bump.

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