VCinema thanks the following contributors: Colette Balmain, Christopher Bourne, Christopher Brown, Eric Evans, Rachel Fariss, Michael Guillen, Matthew Hardstaff, Adam Hartzell, Mathew Holland, Tom Kent-Williams, David Lam, Miguel Martinez, Andre Nette, and Marc Saint-Cyr.

Colette Balmain is a lecturer in film and media studies and writer whose research specialty is East Asian horror cinema and popular culture. She is the author of Introduction to Japanese Horror Cinema (Edinburgh University Press: 2008) and the editor of Directory of World Cinema: South Korea (Intellect: 2011). Currently she is writing a book on South Korean Horror Cinema.

Christopher Bourne is a film critic, editor, and blogger based in New York City. His articles have appeared in Senses of Cinema, The Brooklyn Rail, Meniscus Magazine, Twitch, and other publications. He blogs on film at The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy.

Christopher Brown is known round these parts as The Uncoolcat, a name not given to him but chosen by himself. You can read his ramblings at Cool Stuff for the Uncool.

Eric Evans lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and dog. He makes his living as a magazine and direct mail art director but would rather be taking underwater photos in exotic locales and writing about Asian films. Eric also writes for the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

Rachel Fariss is a geek, a web developer, jeweler, avid movie fan, music explorer, pop and general entertainment junkie. She fulfills her movie discussion needs at the podcast GoF Radio and her music discussion needs at the blog Rach on Tunez.

Michael Guillen is a member of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and has blogged as The Evening Class since 2006. Michael has also been a contributing writer to such online sites as Twitch, SF360, Greencine, MUBI, and Fandor. His magazine work includes Film International, movieScope, Fangoria and Ray.

Matthew Hardstaff is a writer, filmmaker and dungeon master who calls Toronto, Ontario, Canada home. He’s also regular contributor to the Toronto J-Film Pow-wow. Also, he’s been working on his first feature for what seems an eternity.

Adam Hartzell has been a contributing writer for the premier English-language website on South Korean cinema, since 2000. He has written extensively on Hong Sang-soo for websites, festival programs, and The Cinema of Japan and Korea (Wallflower Press, 2004). He contributed several essays on various South Korean films for the upcoming World Directory of Cinema: Korea (Intellect, Ltd., 2012). He has even written on films not from South Korea for websites such as and Hell on Frisco Bay.  Adam has also been a guest on the VCinema Show.

Mathew Holland is a contributing writer at VCinema.

David Lam is many things. Playwright, film sponge, casual blogger, illustrator, photographer and overall purveyor of excellence. He spent many years in a Buddhist monastery where he mastered the art of the one finger handstand. He and Haruki Murakami are good friends and are often spotted running together. He occasionally writes for the Toronto JFilm Pow-Wow and Exiled Film Reviews.

Tom Kent-Williams is an amateur writer currently residing in Birmingham, England with his soon-to-be-fiancée Shannon. He has been in love with Asian cinema since seeing Akira for the first time and has a slight man-crush on Chow Yun-fat. 80′s Hong Kong cinema floats his boat big time, along with synthpop, retro gaming and cups of tea in large mugs.

Miguel Martinez is a Chicago-based filmmaker. Check out his blog, Cinematic Copycat.

Andrew Nette is a writer and film buff based in Melbourne, Australia. He blog, Pulp Curry, focuses on crime fiction and film from Asia and Australia.

Marc Saint-Cyr was a guest host on the VCinema podcast’s coverage of the Shinsedai Cinema Fest 2010 and a guest reviewer on our Toronto International Film Festival 2010 episode. He is a staff writer for the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow. He has also written for Row Three, Midnight Eye and the Directory of World Cinema: Japan published by Intellect. He runs his own blog, Subtitle Literate.