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Confessions of a Dog Getting Ready To Bark

In a near serendipitous convergence of things mentioned on our podcast, Third Window Films (who we interviewed just last episode) has announced a release date for the Region 2 DVD of Confessions of a Dog directed by Gen Takahashi: March 14th, 2011.  Not only that, Third Window released what is presumed to be the final box art for the release.  The date, which may seem rather far in the future, is good news for UK film fans because, in all likelihood, the film will play around the country a bit until that time and it’s over three hours well spent.

Compared to films such as Serpico and Prince of the City, Confessions of a Dog takes a hard look at the underside of the Japanese police force.  Takeda (incredibly well played by veteran character actor Shun Sugata) is an officer whose corrupt activities become the subject of inquiry by rogue investigator, Kusama (Junichi Kawamoto).  From that point, Kusama begins to uncover the truth about the police and how far up the ranks that truth reaches.

Confessions of a Dog played at the Shinsedai Cinema Festival in Toronto this past summer and was VCinema’s unofficial “Best of the Fest” selection.  Listen to our review of the film in our coverage of the second half of the festival here.

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