Colleen Wanglund

Colleen Wanglund is a self-described bookwhore, gorehound, and metalhead.  She can usually be found with a book in her hand or on her laptop, either watching movies or writing about them.  Colleen has also been known to frequent midnight screenings of some of her favorite flicks, as she lives in New York City—the best city for seeing movies.

Colleen reinvented herself as a writer when she turned forty.  She currently writes a column on Asian horror for Cinema Knife Fight and reviews books and movies (mostly horror) on Mondo Film and Video GuideMore Horror, The Horror Fiction Review, and Monster Librarian as well as a number of retrospectives.  She is a mother of two twenty-somethings, has a cat that drives her nuts and a sweet little dog named Manning.  Colleen is a feisty redhead and you can find her on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.