Preview – London East Asia Film Festival 2019, October 24 – November 3

The London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF), the capital’s most celebrated champion of East Asian cinema and culture, opens its fourth year on October 24 at Odeon Leicester Square with the European premiere of Exit, […]

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No.7 Cherry Lane (Hong Kong/China, 2019) [TIFF 2019]

As local Hong Kong cinema has undoubtedly lost momentum over the past decade, its presence on the international film festival scene has also noticeably diminished. When Yonfan’s No.7 Cherry Lane premiered at Venice this year, […]

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Saturday Fiction (China, 2019) [TIFF 2019]

The prospect of Lou Ye and Gong Li working together should excite anyone who is even remotely interested in contemporary Chinese cinema. With Saturday Fiction, these two titans collaborate for the first time in a […]

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Three Adventures of Brooke (China/Malaysia, 2018)

It is not often that one sees a first-time writer/director come up with a film as daring and fresh as Qing Yuan’s Three Adventures of Brooke. Combining both Eastern and Western sensibilities in an unconventional […]

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Melancholic (Japan, 2018)

Melancholic follows Kazuhiko (Yoji Minagawa), a young man who graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University, but who has been content with just getting by. Still living with his parents, Kazuhiko takes a part time job […]

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Gundala (Indonesia, 2019) [TIFF 2019]

In Hollywood, attempts at replicating the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come and gone over the past decade. Other studios have yearned for both the creative and financial success of the MCU, but, […]

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